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A Comprehensive Software Solution for Schools, Colleges & Universities.

School ERP is advanced, customizable and comprehensive web based application for school and colleges. This application is focused on delivering high-quality automation system for school. Application main modules are Admission Management, Fee & Collections, Student Attendance, Examination & Evaluation, Lesson Planning, Class Assignments, Time Table, Library Management, Transport, Hostel, Integrated messaging system, Student Information and Alumni.

  • Fully compatible for integration with Biometric Devices, Barcodes, RFID's & Smartcards.
  • Data security is maintained on a departmental level. High degree of security and safety according to international standards.
  • Manual effort is reduced and speedy and accurate reports are generated.
  • High degree of transparency of the institution through the Web.
  • Better co-ordination between departments.
  • Student conveniences extended beyond the classroom.
  • Overall reduction of operating costs; and savings on time and efforts.
  • Easy to learn, use and implement.
  • Highly streamlined and effective workflow of administration and academia.
  • Ensures greater efficiency.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Easy to customize.